Boy bands, Evening Gowns and a Crowned #MissUSA – #MondayMotivation Goes To US Army Commander Deshauna Barber #BlackGirlMagic



Mon. Jun. 6, 2016 10:03 AM EST


And this year’s Miss USA goes to . . .

That must have been the longest pause in television history.

Let me rewind two hours where the Miss USA pageant broadcasted on FOX flooded the TV screen with any and every millenial cultural touchstone possible – youthful co-hosts in former E! News Correspondent and budding actor Terrence J and DWTS alum Julianne Hough, product placement during the show and at commericals, contestant mini-profiles and interviews (that one soundbite I could have done without was when one contestant compared the preparation for the pageant to the Olympics), recruiting curvy girl activist/model/swimsuit designer Ashely Graham (yes, even I was excited to see and more importantly, HEAR from her) as a backstage “insider” and then a performance by 90’s boy band turned man troupe The Backstreet Boys.

Honestly, I was flipping between this and the NBA Finals.

But commenting on the silliness of the pageant on Twitter was strangely catharic. It was like chitchatting with your girlfriends who happen to be thousands from all over the country.

But no, I was not going to download the app to vote.


Aren’t there a lot of blondes as contestants?

Why are some contestants get annouced profiles and others don’t?

There seems to be alot of former and current athletes. Hmm, I wonder what kind of image the organization is trying to put out?

Oh, nice. Miss Ohio is a real teacher, with a real job. #Teacherlife

Black Twitter was in full effect and it was glorious! We definitely do not hold back on the shade.

There’s a nice smathering of chocolate contestants this year. #BlackGirlMagic

I could rock that swimsuit from Miss District of Columbia . . . in a year. #fitnessgoals

If I see another blonde go to an African country to “save” my people, Imma scream!*

*Okay, maybe I was only thinking that last “tweet” but I read a lot worse and I am too much of a lady to repeat.#class

After seeing my Golden State Warriors pummel Lebron after Halftime, I flipped back to the pageant where the Top 3 contestants were being announced. Sorry, I skipped the talent, question and evening portions (But did I REALLY miss anything?).

Initially, Miss District of Columbia had already intrigued me. She wasn’t just the cute wannabe model; she was in the military.  She wasn’t just IN the military; she was a COMMANDER! In her profile package, Miss DC stands in front of a classroom of uniformed (mostly male) officers in her own Army fatigues with her hair pulled back neatly. Her makeup is is light and complimentary. The image of this 26-year-old woman of color garnering that level of authority was so inspiring.

Logistics Commander Deshauna Barber of the US Army is the living embodiment of all that the USA aspires to be nationally and internationally – serving one’s country with resolve and integrity. If she wasn’t in the Top 3, I knew the game was rigged.

Luckily all of that Twitter chatter my viewing congregation was making was actually being counted as votes (taking a page out of DWTS/American Idol‘s gamebook) which was pretty cool.


Coming off last week’s emotionally-charged miniseries Roots, I was definitely all in my feelings seeing this line up. Miss Georgia and Miss Hawaii were both equally viable finalists but they just didn’t really compare the level of service that Barber had.

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