This Week’s #WCW Goes To Diversity Advocate Jada Pinkett Smith @jadapsmith

Jada Pinkett Smith, Magic Mike XXL Film Still

Thank you, Mrs. Pinkett-Smith for speaking truth to power concerning diversity in this year’s (and last year’s) Oscars nominations. This is complicated issue on all sides but action must be paid. I agree that abstaining from watching the program is a start but more needs to be done internally to create a more even playing field.

From my research, it appears that the voting members of Academy Awards have lifetime term limits which poses an issue in infusing more timely and fresh perspectives in cinema. Also, the amount of feature projects from minorities of color need funding so they can be seen and considered.

If you look at television and streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, these kinds of projects are being nurtured and empowered by the industry based upon viewer engagement, so why is that not happening in film?

womens-international-film-and-art-festival-300x113american black film festival logo

This is why I am thankful for Women’s International Film Festival and American Black Film Festival for being the much-needed outlets for filmmakers, especially here in South Florida.