On This Day in MJ History December 9, 1984

“For me, that was what the Victory Tour was all about – giving back” – Michael Jackson
On this day,December 9,1984 – The Victory tour ended in Los Angeles, California at Dodger Stadium in front of 55,000 fans, and be Michael’s last tour with his brothers.

I was actually saw the tour when it hit Miami, FL at the former Joe Robbie Stadium. I was three. At first, all I remember was two things – the lights from my nosebleed section and the concert’s opening song “Can You Feel It”. Over the years, I got the album of the concert set list and watched footage on the emerging YouTube to piece together the performances I saw as a toddler.

On July 6, 1984, The Jacksons’ “Victory” tour’s opening concert was performed at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. Reunited with Jermaine, The Jacksons did 55 shows over the course of 5 months, criss-crossing America and Canada with the most ambitious design and execution ever created for the concert stage. It took 4 months to construct it.
On December 9, 1984 the group performed the last concert of the “Victory” tour. During “Shake Your Body [Down To The Ground]”, Michael announced his split from The Jacksons.
The Victory tour wrapped up with six sold-out shows at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. A grueling task, Michael was traveling separately from his brothers and had minimal contact with any of them offstage.
Still, they were apparently caught off guard when Michael announced at the final show, on December 9, 1984, that it was his last performance with the Jacksons. This time, he really meant it.
The tour grossed a record of US$ 75 million and was the biggest tour any group had ever done, in huge outdoor stadiums. Over 2 million people came to see The Jacksons. And thanks to Michael Jackson, for the first time Pepsi-Cola overtook their arch-rivals, Coca-Cola.
Michael donated all his performance money from this tour to charity. “For me, that was what the ‘Victory’ tour was all about – giving back”, he says later.
In pics: Michael on stage at the Dodger Stadium