Teacher, What You Do Matters

Being a teacher has its challenges, most that are invisible to people with “real jobs” (using a sarcastic tone with that phrase). But when we understand the larger picture of our role in society, those challenges earn us stripes of honor. #teacherlife

The Never-Boring Mrs. Doering

Today was a bad teaching day. You know them…the days when half of the children don’t listen to you or respect you or shut their mouths for five seconds. One of those days. And there are so many days when I go home and think “Nothing that I do matters. Nothing.” The kids that I pass get the same diploma as the kids who fail and then are passed along anyway. The kids who don’t respect me don’t have any real consequences at home. Parents don’t back me up and sometimes even accuse me of things that aren’t true (like not being an adequate teacher or knowing how to do my job). I feel pressure to do more with less and there are so many other things that I can’t even talk about that I am unhappy with because I would fear losing my job for speaking the truth. Some…

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