This Week’s #TBT Honors With Queen of Pop (Sister and Equally Talented Sibling to the King Himself) Janet Jackson in the 20th Anniversary of Rhythm Nation LP

So yesterday makes the 20th Anniversary of the release of Janet Jackson’s manifesto Rhythm Nation 1814 which was recorded between September 1988 – May 1989. The New Jack Swing sound was in full effect and hit maker producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis were put on Miss Jackson’s new project to take her new independence of the Control album to the next level. 

In interviews, Jackson confesses how she and her brother Michael would collaborate on musical ideas on albums and aesthetics in their music videos. Specifically, for her “Rhythm Nation” music video, Michael has said that he “borrowed” the military image for his future projects including Bad album cover art, Dangerous and HIStory World tours.

Perfect for the rough week I’m having (and I’m sure you all can relate). It’s almost Friday! 💆🏾😍

I was exceptionally lucky enough to not only own the album but to see it performed live here in Miami at the Miami Arena as a preteen. It was incredible! The same persona of strength, attitude, and talent that you experience watching her music videos was amplified in person. So when Miss Janet recovers from her recent touring fatigue, you DEFINITELY need to buy a ticket to her ongoing Unbreakable Tour.