Meeting “The Perfect Guy” – My Spoiler-Free Movie Review

That warm smile. His smothering gaze. That confident banter. His velvet touch.

On the surface, this mystery man fits all your requirements for an instant chemistry. The mystery keeps him interesting and his job makes him impressive.  And the packaging isn’t too bad either.

But what this attraction can conceal is our innate female intuition. Red flags get ignored. Questions go unanswered. But is he really a bad guy?

Sanaa Lathan learns the hard way the answer when heartthrob Michael Ealy of such movies as About Last Night and Barbershop transforms into a Fearsome admirer who can’t let go.


This best part of the film when I went this weekend was the audience commentary with a cross between horror film’s “Don’t go in there” and rom-com’s “He can’t be that perfect”. It was so entertaining to hear how other people around you were reacting the film in real time – better than Twitter!

Morris Chestnut proved a worthy foil with his physicality and bravado. However, his character pales in comparison to the multi-dimensional performance of Ealy. This is truly a dramatic coming-out for the actor who has proven that he can handle (and carry) a film with his acting chops.