Ignacio B. Peña Introduction (University of Edinburgh ’16)

Here is an insightful, first-person account of a college student figuring his major as he figures out how he fits in as an American “dreamer”. #BacktoSchool

The MFA Years

Hello. My name is Ignacio, and I am a fraud.

Let me elaborate. I was born in a city within the greater Los Angeles area to parents who had immigrated from Guadalajara, Mexico. Growing up as a Mexican-American, I never once had a moment where I was proud of my Mexican heritage, nor was I ever a die-hard American patriot. It’s not that I have ever really been ashamed of being one or the other; far from it. It was just something I never gave much thought. If there was one thing that always bothered me as a child, it was more that I just never really liked the city I was raised in. Early on, I hated just how gray and brown it was. I grew up wishing it were greener. As I grew older, I also wished it were smaller. Older still, and I started wishing I could…

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