This Week’s #WCW Goes To Co-Chairman of Universal Pictures Donna Langley

So this weekend promises to yield a cinematic jackpot for Universal Studios thanks to the multiple city advance screenings of Straight Outta Compton. If the buzz from your friends hasn’t hit you yet, the celeb tweets probably will. But what few people may know if that the film was finally “greenlit” by this week’s #WCW – Co-Chair of Universal Studios Donna Langley.

According to CNN, Miss Langley is British woman of color, wife and mother of two who rose up the ranks with the film industry, beginning as an intern at New Line Pictures at 22. She grew to be the driving force behind such films as Austin Powers, Mamma Mia, Knocked Up, Fifty Shades of Grey and the Bourne franchise (with The Bourne Legacy
making $275.8 million).

When asked what she would tell her 22-year-old self about working in Hollywood, Langley replied “Look beyond the facade and the mystique of the business and recognize it’s a real industry with real jobs.”

Definitely a “Lean In” role model I know Sheryl Sanberg could support and I can aspire to!

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