Jay Pharoah Opens Up About Struggle With Depression [WATCH]

Mental illness carries such a stigma in the African-American community so it’s so refreshing to hear a known SNL comedian open up about his struggle.

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Comedian Jay Pharoah recently opened up to the The Huff Post about the “constant state of depression” he lived in for years before he found the confidence that came with stand-up.

Known for his incredible impressions, Pharoah told host Marc Lamont Hill that he was “massively overweight” when he was younger, which led to begin teased by his peers. Luckily, his mother’s love and their close relationship helped him cope through the pain.

“She was like one of the only people that really knew about it. … At the time, when I was massively depressed like that, where I really didn’t want my life anymore, I was 12,” Pharoah said. “And I remember [my mom] came in and she stopped me from doing some stuff. It was crazy.”

Once he reached a healthy weight at age 17, Pharoah said he found something significant in stand-up comedy.

“When I got to…

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